Gerbils and Hamsters
Sing a Song
Giants of the Sea
Let Eagles Fly
In the Springtime

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10-year old Luke and Lauren, and their cousins Liam and Makenna, are expecting a wonderful Christmas at their grandparent’s ranch in Canada, when things go awry on Christmas Day. Stolen presents, secret messages from a mysterious stranger, and the news that Santa Claus has been kidnapped puts a glitch into everyone’s holiday plans. The mystery unfolds as Christmas is finally restored in Luke’s account of the kidnapped Santa.

- Recommended for ages 4-12

- Narrated by Analynn Riley

- Written especially for early readers and for those with English is a second language

- All chapters available in narrated film version  

- Novel (210 pages) available in Kindle on Amazon

- Created in Canada with the story set in Canada, and by a Canadian author!

Analynn's start in musicals was as a child in HMS Pinafore. In her teens, she was featured in various stage productions such as The King and I, and Gowans/Larrson’s Glory. As leading lady, Analynn welcomed the opportunity to be Annie Oakley in the 1999 Broadway revival version of Annie Get Your Gun, and particularly enjoyed working with her own children in David Clydesdale’s A Time for Christmas. While at university, Analynn took pleasure in singing opera, doing recitals, and appearing as a guest soloist throughout North America, including with the Los Angeles Vocal Jazz Ensemble, university concert choirs and chamber singers.

​​​MUD - Very Clean Songs for Kids (2018)

The MUD collection featuring 10 original songs by Analynn as well as the talents of Marvin the Moose, was first released in 1984, with its digital version in 2002. The album was initially created as a music teaching tool for teachers and parents, its illustrated songbook filled with listening and art activities. The 2018 LyricsVideos feature beautiful art and photographs. MUD is available on YouTube.

​- Recommended for ages 1-7

- Music composed especially for early listeners
- Created in Canada by a Canadian composer!
- Analynn is a registered SOCAN artist


ANALYNN RILEY began performing as a vocalist and pianist at eight years of age. Analynn has been a guest singer with the Los Angeles Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and a featured soloist with university touring ensembles before returning to Canada to begin her career as a professional singer and harpist. Dr. Riley has starred in various stage productions, released five recordings, worked as a musician and actress in television and film, and has sung before international dignitaries and heads of state. Her recordings have been heard around the globe, with live performances in British West Indies, Central Asia, China, and North America. Analynn’s music engages audiences of all ages with her captivating voice and harp. Her style includes a variety of musical genres from Broadway to Jazz and her own compositions ranging from classical to folk. Analynn Riley enjoys introducing young listeners to the harp through school concerts, and working with singers of all ages. Analynn holds a doctorate degree in the Arts.

Music / Writing


Analynn authors novels and short stories for both adults and children alike, with a particular interest in promoting literacy. Her ESL novel, Mystery of the Singing Ghost with its Study Guide was first featured online and internationally praised by educational organizations. Other works include: Root For Reading, a sixty-three volume levelled series for early readers; youth novels Rush of the Raven's Wings and Mystery of the Tractor Ghost; a musical entitled, Country Christmas; an early reader novelette entitled, Kidnapped SantaTeddy Meets Kiboko, an audio book complete with original soundtrack; ten poems in Analynn's Living Skies collection; and numerous articles and non-fiction works. 

Analynn Riley

Musical favourites that blend the ancient sounds of harp, voice, and flute with the modern tones of bari saxophone and bass guitar​.

Arrow & The Song
Nobody Knows
Beloved Ireland (medley)
Too-Ra-Loo, Danny Boy)
Child So Dear
Moscow Nights
Alleluia / Irish Blessing

Legend of the Mountains and the Valleys

LADY OF THE WOODS is a musical collection for people of all ages seeking relaxation and repose. Teachers, university students, teens, children and sports enthusiasts have found the guided relaxation to be of great help, whether to calm a noisy classroom, prompt creativity or prepare for athletic competition. Nurture your body, mind, and spirit while enjoying the soothing strings of the harp that weave through Analynn's orchestrations and original compositions.

Adventure abounds when determination rules the hearts of lasses and lads in the mythical kingdom of the Mountains and the Valleys! A legend, The Curse, and a medieval castle set the backdrop for this inspiring novel that will capture your hearts!
   In The Nine Gifts of Theodosia, Prince Enos sets out to rule the Mountains and the Valleys alone, ignoring the warnings of THE CURSE that says the Valleys only flourish under the rule of a queen. How will the prince ever find the maiden who holds the secret to saving his Valleys? 
   Answers to The Final Question separate a father from his wife and children, leaving him to work alone in Eastern Valley Village, where his royal commission to unearth the reason behind the villagers’ unexplained deaths is finally resolved in, Kenelm’s Quest.
   In Yedda Sings, the queen and a young maiden named

Yedda make a long and treacherous journey to the

Mountains where they visit three mystical

settlements. Will the maiden learn the ancient secrets

and wisdom of these mystifying people that could save

her life?

Complete with Study Guide!
Don’t miss the adventure in Legend of the Mountains and Valleys!