ARROW & THE SONG(from the cd, SILK)


ANALYNN RILEY began performing as a vocalist and pianist at eight years of age, eventually teaching piano at thirteen, and giving her first public harp concert at fifteen. Following graduate studies in the United States where she also toured as a featured vocalist, Analynn returned to Canada and began her career as a singer, harpist, and educator. While raising her family, Analynn has starred in various stage productions, has worked as a musician and actor in film/television, releasing five recordings, writing children’s novels and educational materials. Analynn has shared her music with international dignitaries, with the desert people on the ancient Silk Road in Asia, to the descendants of slaves in the British West Indies, and to the Dené people of Northern Canada. Analynn enjoys her family, travel, art, and sports. Analynn Riley is a nationally certified sports coach, and holds a doctorate degree in the arts.               

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TEDDY MEETS KIBOKO is written especially for ESL and early readers. Friendship, bearnapping, stowaways, Teddy and Kiboko embark on an unusual journey that takes them from China to Canada. Watch for this fully narrated book that includes an original soundtrack. Coming soon! Click video above for snippets from this novelette.

Analynn Riley

Analynn engages audiences of all ages with her captivating voice and harp. Her style includes a variety of musical genres from ... read more


Adventure abounds when determination rules the hearts of lasses and lads in the mythical kingdom of the Mountains and the Valleys! A legend, The Curse, and a medieval castle set the backdrop for this inspiring novel that will capture your hearts! Read Book I now. Watch for THE CURSE, the second book in the series soon to be released!

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Analynn authors novels and short stores for both adults and children alike, with a particular interest in promoting literacy ... read more

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