Analynn Riley



Singer & Harpist  /

Writer, Artist, Teacher

A Collection of Very Clean Songs for Kids!


LEGEND OF THE MOUNTAINS AND THE VALLEYS - print and digital formats; available worldwide; for readers aged 8-12



Some of Analynn's favourites from the world of art and architecture

The MUD collection featuring 10 original songs by Analynn as well as the talents of Marvin the Moose, was first released in 1984, with its digital version in 2002. The album was created as a music teaching tool for teachers and parents, with its illustrated songbook filled with art and listening activities. The 2018 LyricVideos feature beautiful art and photographs. MUD is also available on YouTube. 


Mud, Birds, Fish, TurtlesCats,

Gerbils and Hamsters
Sing a SongGiants of the Sea, Let Eagles Fly,

In the Springtime

The MUD collection is recommended for ages 2-6

ANALYNN RILEY began performing as a vocalist and pianist at eight years of age, eventually teaching piano at thirteen, and giving her first public harp concert at fifteen. Following graduate studies in the United States...

LADY OF THE WOODS cd - original orchestrations with guided relaxation; suitable for all ages;



SILK cd - Musical favourites that blend the ancient sounds of harp, voice, and flute with the modern tones of baritone saxophone and bass guitar

Dr. Ana, as she is fondly known, shares her world of music, art and architecture, travel and adventure, education, and inspiration.